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We believe every child can learn, but not in the same way or on the same day. We offer an alternative to the comprehensive high schools with a focus on at-risk youth promoting improved behavior, pro-social skills, and academic success for all. CCFAS's program provides a non-traditional environment for youngsters who have experienced various difficulties in a regular school setting.

CCFA's mission is to help students develop or enhance their pro-social skills so that they can return to and succeed in a traditional high school. Students enrolled in the alternative high school receive rigorous academic instruction; service learning opportunities; career development; pro-social skill and anger-management instruction; and individual and group counseling. At CCFAS, there is an adventure education program to teach students perserverance, how to overcome obstacles in their lives, how to work with others to achieve a dessired goal, build trust, and to provide physical activities promoting healthy lifestyles.

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